National Investigations, Inc.
Weymouth, Mass
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Full Service Repossession & Asset Recovery Company
We specialize in auto repossessions and recovery services.
Our repossession agents get their job done safely and efficiently,
using License Plate Recognition Cameras ( LPR 2.0 ).
We understand the difficulties lenders face when dealing with debtors who not
only default on their loans, but then choose to ignore the situation altogether.
This world is a big place, but we can make it smaller.
Let National Investigations Inc. take the hassle
out of your repossession and recovery needs.
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If you are a lender or private party seeking our repossession services,
here are some things to consider:
National Investigations Inc. has been in business for over 10 years
We carry all of the required repossession insurances
All of our repossession and recovery equipment is new
We provide voluntary and involuntary repossession services
Our facility is fully gated and secured with nightly police patrols
We provide transport services to local auctions
As of June 2011, we have joined Digital Recognition Network (DRN) and
have added infrared license plate cameras to aid in our efforts to locate
missing vehicles. We can now scan thousands of license plates every day.
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